Rap game going strong

Oh girl you’re so sexy, you got my mind going in to fits, epilepsy, I can’t stop I just want you to be on top, never go away baby girl just don’t stop, I’m about to pop, what’s wrong? don’t over react that body hotter than the sun that’s a fact, the question should be what don’t you lack because all I need is to hit it from the back. All this talk that he’s a gentleman is a facade I am the god. Kiss had it right Call me Dr Love I’ll have you screaming to the heavens up above. Fuck condom wrappers you can trust me I’m a rapper. Some people call me an animal savage you messing with men who just average. I could make Helen Keller say my name but I’m not in the rap game for fame. People say disregard them bitches aquire currency but fuck that bureaucracy you can have your cake and eat it too I fucked her so hard no way that pussy will ever be new.

Why is it so hard to let go of the past, I mean for fuck sake it’s been over a year and a half and I just can’t take it. I still think about her and I know she is happy which is all I ever wanted but it’s hard to lose your best friend suddenly it’s as if she died and I never got to say goodbye. I wish I could have closure but dreams just don’t come alive sometimes.